Every product is its own Little Universe.

We’re Little Universe, a digital product agency based in Brooklyn, NY.

We solve the product problem

Our small team has collectively built up 30+ years of experience helping build, launch and scale startups.

We know how to achieve product market fit.

Experience that goes beyond product

We’re seasoned veterans who can help your business get started on the right foot. We de-risk your product strategy while helping your business grow strategically. We can help you hire, onboard, and handoff our work with minimal technical debt.

Our process is your process

We have worked on many teams with nuanced processes fitting their strategy and market. We’ve done design sprints, agile product, lean, and all those great things. Our goal is to solve problems, and we implement the right tactic in the right place for your business. We’re tool agnostic. Love JIRA? Trello? Asana? Sounds great to us.

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